About us

Cleanaholics is a Top Rated Cleaning Service on Google

Coming home should never be a chore. If you frequently find yourself wishing you had a few more minutes in the day to focus on more of what matters, we are here to help. We will restore balance to your home!

Cleanaholics has been servicing the Northshore Suburbs for over 8 years. 

Our Benefits

With our attention to detail and loving characteristic, we have maintained 100% customer satisfaction and retention.

While our prices might be higher than our competitors at times, it allows us to make sure we pay our cleaning techs a livable wage which correlates with the work ethic that they provide our clients.

This also allows us to have 100% retention in our employees, assuring our clients that with every clean, they can expect the same quality of work no matter what.

We believe in always helping first and talking business second.

The families we serve love that they are able to trust us with taking care of their home. When you decide to book with us you can expect a high level of honesty with open communication in order to show we care about your satisfaction.

We understand that everyone has different needs in their home and sometimes life just gets the best of us. That’s why we treat everyone as if they are our family. With our worry free service you can ensure that your home will be taken care of and looked out for during every visit.

Each of our cleaners are extensively vetted and thoroughly trained when hired along with being fully insured for an extra peace of mind.

Our promise to every client is that if you’re ever dissatisfied with any aspect of your cleaning we will resolve the problem free of charge.

…in always helping first and talking business second.




Expansion of Company


Over 15000 homes cleaned


Celebrating 9 years in business

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